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Engage with A+ Players who you wouldn't see otherwise. Increase efficiency and effectiveness. Measure and communicate the ROI of your branding and outreach efforts.

What we do

NimbleCat finds high-value talent across your career site, referrals, direct sourcing and agencies. Search shortlists the highest value candidates, then lets you chat instantly on mobile. Talent Analytics tells you who's in your talent pool, guides your outbound spend and measures the ROI of your efforts.

How we do it

Nimblecat has an amazing ability to identify high-value professionals. Our machine learning engine uses unique metrics for leadership and professional talent combined with education and experience. Backed by three patents and verified with over 2.8 million resumes.

What you get

  • A+ Players who you wouldn't see otherwise.
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Sharp decreases in time to hire.
  • Measurable ROI for your branding and outreach expenses.
  • Talent pool reports for your leadership.

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Get a curated feed of executive jobs every day. See who's hiring and what jobs are hot right now. Our ML engine will never alert you about a job you don't care about.

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Keep on top of the news so you don't waste valuable time scanning multiple sites. Find out what changed yesterday based on what you care about. The NimbleCat app informs you on your top five topics in 30 seconds or less!

Connect with thought leaders

You're a thought-leader in your field. That's how you got where you are. Chat with other professionals and thought leaders on the NimbleCat app. Only connect to those who have been vetted by the NimbleCat ML engine.

The Team

Sunil Mehta

Sunil is a co-founder & CEO @ NimbleCat. He has built and marketed products at the intersection of machine learning, SaaS, mobile and social for the past fifteen years. Sunil earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Poonam Murgai

Poonam is a co-founder @ NimbleCat. Her background uniquely qualifies her to architect and deploy the data pipelines for machine learning. Poonam has over twenty years of experience managing entrepreneural teams and delivering products for small and large organizations. She has degrees from IIT Delhi and the University of Illinois.

David Meyer

David is a co-founder & Chief Scientist @ NimbleCat. He has 29 years of computational linguistics experience, both in the United States and abroad, and has developed several unique machine learning engines across multiple domains David holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh.

David Seaver

David is a co-founder and Director of Marketing at NimbleCat. He has over fifteen years of experience designing and marketing products at the intersection of machine learning, SaaS and mobile. David earned his degree in Product Design Engineering at Stanford and works in user experience, visual and graphic design, branding, marketing, and creative development.

Herb Deitz

Herb is the Vice President of Recruiting Platforms at NimbleCat. He guides the development of NimbleCat's machine learning-powered recruiting platform. Herb has over 25 years of experience in recruiting for early-stage and established companies like, Demandtec, IBM, VMWare and Inktomi.

The Company

NimbleCat has developed unique new technology that measures leadership and professional ability. This technology is the subject of three US patents. The machine learning algorithms that power the classification engine identify individuals with the skills that every enterprise needs, including manufacturing, marketing, sales and legal. The classification engine has been trained for multiple verticals, including software and hardware engineering and life sciences, with more on the way.

NimbleCat's core product enables enterprises to hire high-value professionals without paying huge agency fees. Many top execs that companies are interested in are already employed. While open to new opportunities, they do not want to reveal they are looking. With NimbleCat, they can throw their hat in the ring confidentially. Our machine learning algorithms ensure that employers only talk to the right candidates. NimbleCat also powers the job board for SoCalBio, the Southern California Biomedical Council.


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