Work Your Network

  • You've built a great professional network.
  • Is it working for you?
  • We didn't think so.
  • That's why we created Graph!

Employee Referrals Reinvented

Empower your talent acquisition team to drive referrals. Ask your employees to pool their professional networks. Find better candidates with AI. Get faster referrals with thoughtfully curated rewards.


Find promising candidates in your teams' networks without long pizza and beer sessions. Drive the process and get referrals when you need them — not when they happen to come in. Control your candidate messages. And let your referrers select from a variety of thoughtfully curated rewards.

Hiring Managers

Cultivate potential hires from your teams' professional networks. Enable recruiters to leverage your connections and and your teams' without increasing overhead. Review all referral requests so no one contacts your trusted connections without your approval. And, enjoy unique rewards when you make a referral.

Talent Acquisition Managers

Graph's unique AI makes referral hiring effective and efficient. It's simple referral process empowers your team to drive referrals . And, Graph is free for now, so you don't need to fight a budget battle. Onboarding employees is quick and easy too — and you can manage your rewards spend with detailed reports.

Referrals Accelerate Sales

69% of companies who use referrals report faster time to close; 59% report higher lifetime value; 71% report higher conversation rates. Referrals are good for business. Graph makes them efficient and effective.

Sales Development Reps

Cold calling and emaiing to schedule appointments requires multiple touch points. Take a shortcut. Graph's AI guides you to the right prospects, then pinpoints who can refer you without arm wrestling LinkedIn. Once the referral is made, let your referrer choose from a selection of thoughtfully curated rewards.

Account Execs

Would an intro to another influencer or decision-maker at a target company help close a deal? Graph's AI makes it easy for you to find them in your extended network. It always helps to reward those who help you close. Graph makes that easy with a wide variety of rewards.

Sales Management

Graph's unique AI and data visualization makes it fast and easy to get referrals. It's simple referral process lets each team member drive their referrals. And, Graph is free to use for now, so you don't need to fight a budget battle. Onboarding your team is quick and easy — and you can manage your rewards spend with detailed reports.

Grow your business with better referrals

You need referrals to grow your business faster. Let Graph find them for you. Get referrals with low overhead and high impact!


You've built a large professional network. Do you have time to grind through your connections? Graph does the grunt work for you and pinpoints likely prospects. If a referral is possible, Graph points that out too. Invite your colleagues to Graph and uncover more referral possibilities. Then reward them with carefully curated rewards.

Small and Medium Business

You're forced to wear multiple hats. One you cannot ignore is the ever present need to grow your business. You must generate more prospects and clients. Graph is designed to leverage the professional network you've already built. Invite your friends, colleagues and clients to Graph, generate more referral business and, of course, reward those who help you out.

Rewards get results

If you're like most people, you likely only know 10-15% of the people in your network personally. Those you don't know as well can also be of help. Use Graph's thoughtfully selected rewards to deepen your relationships and say thank you when they help you with referrals.

Thoughtful Rewards Accelerate Referrals

"Giving multiple small thank-you gifts when referrals are made generally does more to encourage referrals than a single, large gift"

Sequoia Capital


The Team

Sunil Mehta

Sunil is a co-founder & CEO @ NimbleCat. He has built and marketed products at the intersection of machine learning, SaaS, mobile and social for the past fifteen years. Sunil earned his Ph.D. from Stanford University.

Poonam Murgai

Poonam is a co-founder @ NimbleCat. She has over twenty years of experience managing entrepreneural teams and delivering products for small and large organizations. Poonam has earned degrees from IIT Delhi and the University of Illinois.

David Meyer

David is a co-founder & Chief Scientist @ NimbleCat. He has 29 years of computational linguistics experience, both in the United States and abroad, and has developed several unique machine learning engines across multiple domains David holds a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh.

David Seaver

David is a co-founder and Director of Marketing at NimbleCat. He has over fifteen years of experience designing and marketing products at the intersection of machine learning, SaaS and mobile. David earned his degree in Product Design Engineering at Stanford and works in user experience, visual and graphic design, branding, marketing, and creative development.

Herb Deitz

Herb is the Vice President of Recruiting Platforms at NimbleCat. He guides the development of NimbleCat's machine learning-powered recruiting platform. Herb has over 25 years of experience in recruiting for early-stage and established companies like, Demandtec, IBM, VMWare and Inktomi.

Your Privacy

Since we launched Graph into public beta, we've been asked the question: "What will you do with my data?" The answer is simple and uncomplicated, as you should expect. Not because of regulations like GDPR, but because it's right.

We use your data to provide you with services that will benefit you via Graph. Your connections are visible to those you connect with on Graph and no one else. You can withdraw a connection with someone when you please. If you decide not to use Graph services at some future time, you can ask us to delete the information you've provided to us.

About Graph

Graph uses AI to create uniquely informative visualizations of your network, shows you who can make introductions, and makes it easy for you to reward them for doing so. Graph is the perfect complement to LinkedIn for talent acquisition, sales teams, consultants and small businesses. Graph is built on NimbleCat's machine learning platform. which is the subject of three US patents.

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