Make Sense of Big Data

NimbleCat has created and patented innovative compute engines to turn big data into useful information for business, education and government. We process vast amounts of data in real time so our customers have the facts they need now, not in months or quarters.

We used NimbleCat's semantic matching engine to analyse a large workforce pool. See the results.

Deliver Vital Information

Data is nice to have, but information is what powers good decisions. We extract information from data and deliver it to where its needed in the shortest time possible.

We analyse millions of jobs each month and match them with what job seekers are looking for. As soon a job seeker is matched with a job, NimbleCat alerts them immediately via the Throng mobile app.

Via Mobile-Social-Cloud

Gartner, Forrester and IDC Group have hailed the combination of mobile, social, cloud and big data as a major disruptive force. We use mobile-social-cloud to create and deliver information via the most effective and timely channel.

Try the Throng mobile app and see how we use mobile-social-local to connect you with people you want to meet and jobs you're interested in.